IPW Biopower Water Treatment Plant

In 2011-2013 Iggesund Paperboard (Workington) Ltd constructed a new biomass fuelled CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant at its Workington Paperboard mill in Cumbria, UK. Vesi-Pauli Ltd delivered water treatment plant for the project that included demineralisation plant and condensate polishing plant. Delivery included 2x80 m ion exchange series and 2x130 m3/h condensate polishing series. In addition Vesi-Pauli Ltd delivered turbine condensate cartridge filter 187 m3/h.

Water treatment plant was a delivery that included designing, equipment delivery, installation, automation and commissioning.

Ion exchange series

Ion exchange series includes the following: activated carbon filter, cation- and anion exchanger as well as mixed bed.

Heat exchanger system

Heat exchanger system of the water treatment plant includes total five exchangers.

automation system of water treatment plant

Vesi-Pauli Ltd delivered automation system of water treatment plant. Automation and motor cabinet includes PLC-screen where plant can be operated.

activated carbon filters

From right to left: activated carbon filters, cation exchanger and anion exchanger. Mixed beds are behind anion exchangers.

Condensate treatment plant

Condensate treatment plant includes 2 pcs cartridge filter and 2 pcs mixed beds.

sulphuric acid

Series are regenerated with caustic and sulphuric acid.