Lielahti powerplant membrane filtration system

Vesi-Pauli Ltd delivered membrane filtration system for its client Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy to the Lielahti powerplant. Membrane filtration system includes prefilter for lake water, humus/softening filter, cartridge filter and membrane filtration equipment.

Membrane filtration system was delivery that included designing, equipment delivery, installation, automation and commissioning. Automation was done in cooperation with SystemTest OÜ.


Membrane filtration equipment consist of two stages
(4+4 pressure pipes). Each pipe includes three
DOW NF90-400 membrane element. The capacity of the
equipment is 18 m3/h

Existing humus filter was modified to
humus-/ softening filter. This ensures the
removal of hardness salts of incoming water
and it prevents the fouling of membrane
elements. Filter still removes humus
as well. The capacity is 30 m3/h.

After humus/softening filter, water was lead to 5 micron
cartridge filter to ensure the longer operation cycle for
membrane equipment.

Membrane filtration system can
be operated locally via PLC or
at the control room of power